1. Can it be? Did Old Annie find some friends?

    Old Annie works out at the Banff Centre gym. Banff, Alberta.

    With special guest appearances by Philip Ewe, Ann Maria Healy, and Ieva Miseviciute.

    [music: “A String of Pearls” by Glenn Miller Orchestra, 1942]

  2. Spotted.

    Old Annie channeling Andrew Wyeth work and Julie Andrews, respectively.

    Banff National Park. Banff, Alberta.

  3. New project.

    "Masculinity Complexion."

    a developing performance based on an interview with my brother and the confusion surrounding the concept of masculinity and the aspects of character.

  4. Self-portrait as combination Rick Danko & Robbie Robertson.

    I hope you had an amazing Woodstock Weekend, Woodstock Nation!

  5. InFATuation is a collaborative show between Katie Piatt and Petra Fortes-Schramm investigating and reclaiming the space in which (fat) female bodies reside.
    As body-positive movements have come into public discourse, fat-acceptance and fat-positive movements have been met with increasing scrutiny and animosity, most often wrapped in paternalistic concern for fat peoples’ health. What kinds of agency can fat parties claim? What sort of sizeist conversations are occurring? Are we adding to the fat/skinny binary? In what ways can we challenge, even break, the beauty/health standard?
    Through personal narrative, video and sculpture, Katie Piatt will address inherited bodily commands aimed at her habitus. Petra Fortes-Schramm’s in-process digital and analog research aims towards creating a fat pedagogy in partnership with online and IRL audiences that will culminate in a manifesto.

    Opening at Surplus Space (3726 NE 7th) 6-9 pm. Performance will occur at 7:30. Problematic cupcakes to be served.

  6. just confirmed my estimate with Minuteman Press about the Old Annie Awkward Sexy Calendar — and I will be ordering 100 next week when I’m back in SGF.
    They will be $15 a piece. 11 X 14 with a spiral bind at the top. I will fill in the dates of the months for you (which means that you could order one for years in advance if you wanna!) and Old Annie will write you a special note inside.
    I know I’ve put this out several times, but if you would like an Old Annie Awkward Sexy Calendar — leave your name in the comments. This will be a head count for me! [I will also be making a paypal option on my website (katiepiatt.com) next week as well for my friends all over the world/interweb]

  7. I’m having way too much fun making this Old Annie (Awkward) Sexy Calendar!

    Need to find the best printing deal, and soon, one could be yours!

    [this is the September page]

  8. pncamfavisualstudies:

    The culmination of the first year of the Visual Studies graduate program here at PNCA. Heavy//Light seeks to explore the artistic practice of a diverse group of artists. Painting, sculpture, photography, performance, digital art, writing, drawing, and installation are all concerns of this current class. Please join us Saturday June 5th for the opening of Heavy Light at Disjecta.

    Also please share this post to your friends, we’d love to see everyone there.

    Opening Reception: 

    6:00pm - 9:00pm 

    Disjecta Contemporary Art Center

    8371 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217

    July 5th! Opening Night! Be there! I am honored and proud to be apart of this group!

  9. I’m making an Old Annie Awkward Sexy Calendar?


    Who wants one, Tumblr? Will be available for purchase or barter soon!

  10. Working on my latest piece “Pregnant with Heredity” - a semi-true (embellishments/tone via me) story of how a pregnant woman compared her body shape to mine at a dress shop.

    It’s awkward, funny, and points out the prevalence of people making judgements/statements about each others’ bodies in a public forum - specifically female bodies.

    The filmed piece will be at our first year show ‘Heavy Light’ at Disjecta on July 5th - and I’ll be performing it live at the opening and on July 12th.

    You’re coming, right?